The onus behind this site

Posted by Zubier Abdullah on 15-02-2020

Just a simple post about the onus of this blog and the website in general. I've been writing for several years now. As someone who was not that outspoken growing up, writing offered me a way to make sense of things and to pour my thoughts out in a cohesive and interesting manner.

As I wrote more and more, I realized that I was good at it and the thing about me is that I greatly enjoy seeing how much I can push myself - there is a constant urge to get better, to learn a bit more, to try something new. In the nerdiest way of putting it, it is to level up.

Since 2013, I have written several hundred thousand words. I have written short stories, novels, articles, poems and anything in between. Some of them were published in different places all over the world.

However, coming from a country like Bangladesh, making a living as a writer wasn't something one could do, especially coming as a primarily English Language based author.

I moved to Canada in 2016 and started my masters and the longer I stayed here, the more clueless I became. I studied Electrical Engineering in University and doubt I ever had much aptitude for it.

I started panicking near the end of 2017, about to graduate, with no idea what to do as an Electrical Engineer and no work experience in Canada or Bangladesh. I had a disparate set of skills and that was it.

I got my first job and while working there, I started dabbling in Web Development, starting with Wordpress. I learned HTML, CSS, Javascript as well as Python for the next several months.

I lost that job. Was unemployed for a while. Applied to a bunch of places and soon enough, luckily, I got my first job as a software developer.

I have been incredibly happy with the job so far. Its been a constant learning experience and I had the support of some incredible mentors and colleagues who have my back.

However, I realized early on that, at least for me, writing and coding use the same mental muscles and after having spent the whole day working, there wasn't much left in the tank for writing.

My writing fell by the wayside.

This blog, and this website in general, is to keep an online repository for all of my work, scattered all throughout the internet - Stories, articles, code tutorials what have you and to keep a personal portfolio for myself that is a bit more personal than my LinkedIn Profile.

I hope my writing has helped you or entertained you in some way, some time or another.

Thanks for reading :)

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